The UC Grid

A Grid is a collection of independently owned and administered resources which have been joined together by a software and hardware infrastructure that interacts with the resources and the users of the resources to provide coordinated dynamic resource sharing. A growing number of University of California Campuses have created campus-wide Grids of computational clusters. The UC Grid is a Grid made up of all those computational clusters that belong to Campus Grids throughout the UC system

The UC Grid Portal

The UC Grid Portal provides a single web interface to all the computational clusters in the UC Grid. Additionally, the UC Grid Portal can directly access some clusters outside of the UC Grid, including some clusters on the TeraGrid.

Who can use the UC Grid Portal

You Benefit by using the UC Grid Portal


UGP (the UCLA Grid Portal Software) provides the Web interface used by the UC Grid Portal and all the UC Campus Grid Portals.


Cluster4Mobile enables the HPC cluster to be accessed by the mobile devices such as iPhone,iPad and Android devices.
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Android Screenshot

White Papers

University of California Grid Porject

Presentation Slides

Open Grid Forum Talk 1 - 2007
Open Grid Forum Talk 2 - 2007

Globus World 2006

Implementation of the UCLA Grid using the Globus Toolkit 2005

UGP Incubator Slide